In the vast world of money-making apps and websites, new options are emerging all the time that promise easy income.

Bubble Cash is one of the latest in this crowded space, advertising quick and steady cash prizes for playing simple online games.

But is Bubble Cash legit or a scam? Can you earn cash from playing casual games on your phone?

I decided to thoroughly test and review Bubble Cash to see if it lives up to its money-making claims.

In this in-depth Bubble Cash review, I’ll cover everything you need to know about how Bubble Cash works, its legitimacy and payment system, the types of games available, how much money you can reasonably expect to earn, and alternatives that offer better money-making opportunities.

Key Takeaways

Bubble Cash is a legitimate app 4.6-star rating on the App Store based on 105,000 reviews as of January, 2024.

Estimated hourly earnings are just $1-$2 per hour in most cases. Don’t expect meaningful income.

Bubble Cash has a limited selection of games compared to competitors like Mistplay or Swagbucks.

Bubble Cash may be worth playing in your free time for entertainment, but it should not be relied on as a productive money-maker.

Is Bubble Cash Legit and Worth it?

Yes, Bubble Cash is a legitimate app that pays out real cash winnings.

After testing Bubble Cash, myself extensively, and looking closely at user reviews, I’m confident in saying that it is a legitimate app.

I have curated a few pros and cons of Bubble Cash so that you can easily figure out whether it is worth it or not.


  • Bubble Cash does pay out real cash rewards through PayPal.
  • The games can offer fun, addictive gameplay in short bursts.
  • You can earn $1 for referring friends.


  • Extremely low earnings – just $1 per hour typically.
  • Limited game options.
  • You have to play paid tournaments to make meaningful money, so, a risk of losing money.
  • Multiple user complaints about delayed payments

My Verdict

Bubble Cash is a legitimate app with a rank of 6 on casino games. But I don’t think Bubble Cash is worth relying on as a money-making method given the micro-earnings. But it can offer some entertainment and tiny cash rewards in your free time.

What is Bubble Cash?

Bubble Cash

Bubble Cash is a mobile app available for iOS devices that pays users to play simple arcade-style games involving shooting and popping bubbles on the screen. It offers both free games and paid competitive tournaments with cash prizes.

The app was created by the company Papaya Gaming. Bubble Cash is one of their most popular titles along with Bingo Cash and Solitaire Cash, which also offer real money tournaments.

How to Make Money on Bubble Cash?

Maximize Free Gameplay

Bubble Cash Free Gameplay

You can also earn small amounts of money playing Bubble Cash for free. The app awards gems for free gameplay.

After collecting 1,200 gems, you can enter “Freeroll” tournaments with small cash prizes of around $5-10. This lets you play to win money without spending.

The gems earned from free play won’t make you rich. But they offer a no-risk route to small prizes.

Enter Paid Tournaments

Bubble cash Cash tournaments

The primary way to earn real cash payouts with Bubble Cash is by competing in paid tournament games that require a buy-in fee. These tournaments range from $1 to $20 to enter and have prize pools from $5 up to $200.

To participate, you first need to fund your Bubble Cash account balance.

Paid tournaments pit you against other players. Earn a high score by clearing bubbles to finish in the top-ranking positions. Top finishers win back more than their buy-in, letting you profit.

Refer Friends

Invite friends to Bubble Cash using your referral code and earn $1.

Cash Out Your Winnings

Bubble cash withdrawl

When you finish in the profit positions of paid tournaments, those winnings get added to your withdrawable balance. Make sure to cash out your earnings regularly via PayPal. Withdrawals carry a $1 fee.

How Much Can You Win Playing Bubble Cash?

The cash prize earnings potential with Bubble Cash is quite modest for most players. Paid tournaments offer the biggest prize pools, usually between $10-$50 based on the buy-in amount.

For a $10 entry fee tournament, top prizes are around $50-$60. While some tournaments have prizes up to $200, these large payouts are rare.

The free “Freeroll” tournaments offer very small prize pools of around $5-$10 and can be entered slowly with earned gems.

I have mentioned few paid tournaments name with earning potential:

Game NameEntry FeePrize
Freeroll1200 Gems$7
Gems Factory20 Gems110 Gems
Summer Jam$5$70
Diamonds Dash$1 + 600 Gems$10
High Stakes$3$11.00
Ultimate Rewards$5$30
Cash Explosion$4.5$11
Golden Rush$7$25
Bold for Gold$14$50

While Freerolls provide a no-risk route to small earnings, the potential is limited. Referring friends also nets small bonus cash additions.

But, the chance of losing money is more than the chance of winning money as a beginner.

Bubble cash payments

How does Bubble Cash work?

The main objective is to aim and fire bubbles from the bottom of the screen to pop and clear matching-colored bubbles stuck at the top before time runs out.

The app has two primary modes – free gameplay and paid cash tournaments.

In the free gameplay mode, users can play casually to practice and hone their bubble shooting skills. This allows them to earn gems, which are the in-game virtual currency.

After accumulating enough gems (1200) through free play, users can enter “Freeroll” tournaments which offer small real cash prizes of around $7.

However, the main way Bubble Cash users can earn actual money is by competing in paid cash tournaments within the app.

These tournaments require a real money buy-in fee to enter, usually between $1-$20 based on the size of the tournament’s prize pool. This buy-in gets added to the tournament’s total prize pool.

When a user enters a paid cash tournament, they compete against other Bubble Cash players by playing bubble shooter games.

The goal is to get the highest score possible within the tournament time limit by popping and clearing as many on-screen bubbles as quickly as possible.

Players with the top 3 scores at the end of the tournament win a share of the prize money pool based on their finishing position.

For example, a $10 buy-in tournament may pay out a total of $50 in cash prizes. The player with the top bubble-popping score may win $25 for finishing 1st place, 2nd place gets $15, and 3rd place gets $10.

How to get started with Bubble Cash?

  1. Download the Bubble Cash app for free from the iOS App Store. It is only available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.
  2. Register to create your Bubble Cash account with your email. Create a username and password.
  3. Open the app and tap to start playing the tutorial. This teaches you the basics of bubble shooter gameplay.
  4. Play through the tutorial and then play some free games. This lets you practice before competing.
  5. Free games allow you to earn gems which are the in-game currency. Try to accumulate at least 1200 gems.
  6. Once you have enough gems, you can enter free “Freeroll” tournaments with small cash prizes.
  7. If you want to compete in paid tournaments, select “Add Funds” and deposit money into your account.
  8. Browse upcoming paid tournaments and select one to enter based on the buy-in fee and prize money.

How to Play Bubble Cash?

Bubble Cash is centered around a classic arcade-style bubble shooter game. The main objective is to fire colored bubbles from the bottom of the screen to pop matching bubbles stuck at the top.

To play, you simply aim your finger and swipe to shoot a bubble. Bubbles can be bounced off the side walls to hit bubbles from different angles. Try to pop 3+ connected bubbles to clear them from the board.

Clearing more bubbles and fully emptying the screen results in higher scores. If your shot doesn’t pop any bubbles, you lose a life. Lose all lives and a new row of bubbles will appear.

Each game round lasts 1-2 minutes. The goal is to pop all bubbles before time expires to get the maximum possible score. Your final score determines tournament rankings.

Other tips for high scores include:

  • Aim for groups of 2+ matching bubbles to create a chain reaction of pops.
  • Bounce bubbles off sides strategically to find better shooting angles.
  • Focus on clearing the bottom rows first to remove blockers.
  • Use bomb bubbles wisely to clear out large sections.
  • Work quickly and accurately to increase speed.

My Experience Playing Bubble Cash

After downloading Bubble Cash, I played actively for 2 weeks to get a good feel for the app and potential earnings. Here is an overview of my hands-on experience:

The app has a polished feel and is easy to navigate. Game options are limited but work smoothly.

I earned approximately 1-2 cents per 1–2-minute free game. Some games awarded up to 5 cents.

My estimated hourly earnings were $1.05 playing free games. Nowhere near minimum wage level income. Cash-out via PayPal took 4 business days.

With active play, I won enough for about 1 cash out per day. But I got bored of the repetitive games quickly.

Overall, I was able to confirm that Bubble Cash does pay real money as advertised. But for me, the earnings weren’t worth investing significant time beyond the initial review.

Who can play Bubble Cash?

Bubble Cash is only available on iOS devices – iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches. It cannot be played on Android.

You must be 18 years or older to play real money tournaments. Bubble Cash is intended for adult audiences.

Cash tournaments aren’t available in a few states of the US such as Arizona, Arkansas, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, and South Carolina.

You must allow location access on your device so Bubble Cash can verify you are in an approved region to play cash tournaments.

Bubble Cash Ratings and Reviews

Bubble Cash has 4.6-star ratings out of 5 on the app store. Also, It has got over 105k reviews as of January 2024. I’ve highlighted a few positive and negative reviews herewith:

“I find it really soothing and enjoyable, I haven’t won any money yet, I just got to level 2 (literally just down loaded it) it hasn’t given me anything except gems. I hope that the money winnings are true as it’s so hard to find a reliable and real game with real winnings.

I read other reviews saying they got 200+ dollars but it looks like you have to actually pay to enter the money winning ones and I am broke ! I’m a full time college student, stay at home mom, who’s unemployed trying to become an influencer so I do not have the money to put into games just to get money back (that’s sounds like a scam to me like those hackers who try and say if you give them so much money in cash app you get double back but they are really trying to take your money and information to rob you dry).

I’m not saying that this game is a scam I’m unsure right now as I haven’t been able to even play anything other than the one for 20 gems and all you get is gems back. Hopefully I’ll win actual money soon bc I could use the 200$ tbh. Other than all that the game is decent, no interruptions with ads so far so I enjoy that !”- Bribaby1907

“I’ve read through some other reviews for this app and yes it may be easy to think this app is a scam because I have spent a good chunk of my bank account out of boredom and didn’t win any in the beginning. The game is addicting and fun. after building my skills and getting better at it I was able to make the money I’ve spent back into my account (which they process refunds for the money you have spent) and I also made good amount of extra money from this game.

It is not a scam. But i do agree with other reviews saying that the tournament becoming very stingy with winning amount with the games. It’s a pretty easy math to know sum of the amount each players pay to enter tournament and the prizes they give away. They still make money just for people to want to play tournaments no matter what and seeing there are looots of people playing this game I don’t see why they took away those tournaments.

I’ve emailed them multiple times about this and only good answer I had received was that they are working on the algorithm. I still do play this game but smaller prizes like $20 dollars each game is kind of tiring me out. Especially after already experiencing like $100-$200 prizes each game. I really hope they do make a change and get those tournaments back on the feed. If not I might just fall out of it as well.”- Nananununggarainaaa

“Downloаded the game to see if it wаs for rеal. Saw the option to have yоur winnings get deposited directly into yоur bank account. I entered my debit cаrd information and dеselected the box to save my cаrd information, thinking it would help as an extra safeguard for getting my information stolen, and I was curious to see if it had done anything to my bank account.

So, I log into my bank accоunt app and I see 5 transactions, one for $35, anоther for $4.85, and another for $5. I will be in cоntact with customer service hoping to get a rеfund because nowherе in the tеrms and cоnditions or in any of these reviews did anуone state that there is an initial charge mаde to a financial account, nor did the gamе directly tell me that I was purсhasing somеthing thrоugh the game. I thought I was just linking my bank account.

I am 30 years оld, married with a 7 to 8 month pregnant wife аnd 4 yеar old kid and I’m the only one working. This game gives a false hope to actually win money like all of your ads portray. I was legitimately hoping that this could help bring extra money to hеlp my family but now I’m morе than likely going tо have to figure out some way to make up for unknowingly wаsting $36 on this stupid game.”- Pein21883

Bubble Cash Alternatives


Like Bubble Cash, Mistplay is a mobile app that pays users cash rewards for playing games. However, Mistplay has a much wider selection of hundreds of different games across genres including puzzles, arcades, strategy, and more.

You can browse games you might enjoy and get paid for your gameplay time. The longer you play games, the more points you earn towards gift card payouts from brands like Amazon, Google Play, and Visa.

Read my complete Mistplay review.

Bingo Cash

As the name suggests, Bingo Cash allows you to play mobile bingo games for real cash prizes. Bingo Cash has a large player community for social gameplay and chat.

If you enjoy the suspense of daubing numbers, Bingo Cash provides an entertaining way to potentially profit from your love of bingo on your phone.

Read my complete Bingo Cash review.

Solitaire Cash

Ideal for solitaire enthusiasts, Solitaire Cash brings the classic solo card game to life with beautiful designs and backgrounds. You can compete in daily challenges and tournaments to earn rewards.

Solitaire Cash has both free and paid tiers with cash prizes up to $120 for highly skilled players. If you like Solitaire and want to monetize your skills against others worldwide, Solitaire Cash is a go-to option.

Read my complete Solitaire Cash review.

Cash Giraffe

In Cash Giraffe, you play simple mini-games like tile-matching and memory puzzles to earn tickets. Tickets can be redeemed for cash via PayPal.

The games are cute and approachable for all skill levels. But average earnings remain under $1 per hour.

Solitaire Clash

Solitaire Clash delivers fast-paced solitaire gameplay optimized for mobile. Combining Solitaire with slots, Solitaire Clash is a unique hybrid game with cash jackpots.

You earn gems from Solitaire wins to play slot mini-games for bigger prizes. However, players report issues with delayed withdrawals.

For more alternative game apps, read:

Final Thoughts

In closing, Bubble Cash provides a fun take on classic arcade-style bubble shooter gameplay. The app genuinely pays out real cash rewards.

However, earnings potential is capped at fairly low levels for most users. Investing extensive time hoping for huge payouts is unrealistic.

Approach Bubble Cash as casual entertainment, not a sole income source. Moderate, skill-based play can yield minor supplemental earnings. But consistently profiting requires dedication.

FAQS on Bubble Cash Review

To withdraw earnings from Bubble Cash, tap the “Account” tab and select “Withdraw”. Choose your withdrawal amount from available balance funds and enter your PayPal email. Transfers take 2-3 business days but can take up to 2 weeks. There is a $1 fee per withdrawal.

Yes, Bubble Cash is a legitimate app that pays real cash winnings to users. It has a 4.6/5 rating on the App Store with over 105,000 reviews.

You can win real money playing Bubble Cash by competing and placing in the top positions in paid cash tournaments. However, most users only earn a few extra dollars per week from consistent play. Significant profits are unlikely.

There is no evidence Bubble Cash is rigged, but some feel the odds of winning big are low. Paying buy-ins for tournaments carries risk and rewards are capped at modest levels for most players.

Yes, it’s possible to lose money on Bubble Cash if you don’t place high enough in paid tournaments to recoup buy-in costs. Buy-ins aren’t returned. Many players spend more on entry fees than they profit.

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