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Empowering Advice From Someone Who’s Been There

Hey there, my name is Sushant Sapkota and I actually struggled with money for most of my early 20s…like BAD.

Between some poor decisions (hello unnecessary credit card debt) and the never ending costs of life, I always found myself living paycheck to paycheck. I’d stress constantly about making next month’s rent or an unexpected medical bill I couldn’t afford.

Not exactly how I wanted to spend my youth.

I knew I had to make some serious changes when I found myself crying because I couldn’t afford Christmas presents for my family one year. The nonstop grind with nothing to show for it had pushed me into an anxious depression.

Enough was enough.

I decided I had to take control of my financial life and preferred career path before it was too late. So in my free time when I wasn’t working my sales job, I got OBSESSED with learning everything possible about money matters and earning online.

All the budgeting, saving, and investing info really opened my eyes to where I’d gone wrong.

And after testing many different online income streams, one method finally started gaining real traction. That first $100 I made in a month felt way better than any $2k paycheck from my job!

Long story short, what I learned completely transformed my financial situation. I paid off all my credit card debt in under 2 years. After 5 years, I had built multiple successful online businesses and left my soul-draining corporate job.

Since then, I’ve helped countless people escape the rat race just like I did, which inspired me start this site!

My promise is to always provide brutally honest, tactical advice – based on years of experience – for building financial stability. Because nothing feels better than the FREEDOM this journey brought me.

Now let me help you fund your dreams and start truly living!