Making money online is a popular and easy way to earn income in today’s digital world. However, many of the best opportunities are often kept secret.

That’s why I’ve researched and put together a list of 38 secret websites to make money online in 2023.

These secret websites are different from the usual ones because they are exclusive and full of untapped potential.

While everyone else is focused on the same old ways to make money, you have the advantage of discovering these lesser-known websites.

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Secret Websites to Make Money

What are the secret websites to make money online in 2023?

1. Thinkific

Thinkific is an awesome online platform that lets you create and sell your courses online. It’s super user-friendly, so you can easily make professional-looking courses even if you’re not a tech whiz.


With Thinkific, you can turn your expertise and knowledge into cold, hard cash by teaching others. No matter if you’re a guru in cooking, photography, fitness, or any other cool subject, you can create a course and start earning.

Thinkific has features like customizable course templates, support for all kinds of media, quizzes, and certificates.

They even hook you up with marketing tools to help you bring in more students and grow your online teaching biz. It’s an incredible chance to transform your passion into a profitable gig by sharing what you know.

2. Wealthy Affiliate

wealthy affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is an all-in-one platform that helps you dive into the lucrative world of affiliate marketing.

Here’s how it works: Sign up for Wealthy Affiliate, and they’ll walk you through creating your own online business. Pick a niche you love, build a website (no tech skills needed), and make money through affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing means promoting other people’s products and scoring a commission for each sale. Wealthy Affiliate teaches you the tricks to find profitable programs, drive traffic to your site, and convert visitors into buyers.

Wealthy Affiliate provides easy-to-follow training and a supportive community of fellow aspiring entrepreneurs.

3. Fiverr


Fiverr is the place to make money by leveraging your skills. It’s an online marketplace where freelancers like you can offer services and earn cash. Here’s how it works in simple steps:

  • Sign up for free on Fiverr and create your profile.
  • Figure out what skills you have and what services you can provide.
  • Set your prices starting at $5 (at minimum) for each service.
  • Create gig listings that clearly explain what you offer and your expertise.
  • Boost your gig’s visibility by optimizing titles, descriptions, and tags.
  • Deliver top-notch work to your clients within the agreed time.
  • Get paid securely through Fiverr’s payment system.
  • Build a great reputation by earning positive reviews.
  • As your experience grows, increase your prices and attract better-paying clients.
  • Take advantage of extras and custom offers to upsell your services.

4. Gigwalk


Gigwalk opens up a world of micro-jobs for fast money. It’s a platform where you can find small tasks and get paid for completing them. Tasks may include taking photos, verifying info, or giving feedback on local businesses.

With Gigwalk, you can choose gigs based on your skills and schedule. It’s perfect for earning extra cash or filling income gaps. You can complete gigs whenever you have spare time, without strict schedules.

Here’s how it works: download the Gigwalk app, browse available gigs nearby, and choose the ones you want. After completing a gig and submitting your work, payment is directly sent to your account.

5. Medium


Medium is a platform where you can earn money by sharing your writing. It’s perfect for aspiring authors to showcase their talent and make some cash.

Here’s how it works: create an account, write articles on topics that interest you, and get people to read and engage with your articles.

Medium has a Partner Program where you earn money based on the number of “claps” your articles receive. Claps are like virtual applause. The more claps, the more money you make. It’s simple.

To earn more on Medium, you can write sponsored posts and use affiliate links on your post.

6. BestMark


BestMark is the site where you can make money while shopping. They offer secret shopping opportunities where you visit businesses and rate their customer experience.

To get started, sign up on their website, create a profile, and they’ll notify you of available assignments in your area.

Choose the ones that suit you, complete the assignment, and provide detailed feedback.

BestMark reviews your feedback and pays you via direct deposit or PayPal. It’s a fun way to earn extra cash while helping businesses improve their service.

7. Upwork


Upwork is an online platform where businesses hire freelancers for projects. You can offer services like writing, design, programming, and more.

Here’s how it works: Businesses post projects, and freelancers bid on them. You write a proposal explaining why you’re a good fit and your price. The client reviews proposals and picks a freelancer. If chosen, you work on the project and get paid.

Upwork handles payments, so no worries there. It’s flexible, pick projects, and set rates. Competition is tough, so showcase your skills.

8. Branded surveys

branded surveys

Branded Surveys is a website where you can take surveys and earn rewards. It’s simple: you share your opinions, and they give you stuff in return.

You’ll have access to various surveys on different topics, and you can complete them at your convenience. For each survey you finish, you earn points.

These points can be redeemed for rewards like gift cards or cash through PayPal. Branded Surveys is a legit platform that values your feedback.

9. Amazon KDP

Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) is a platform where you can publish your e-books on Amazon and earn money. No need for a publishing deal or an agent—just your awesome book and creativity!

Once you upload your book, your e-book reaches to Kindle users. On every purchases, you make money after Amazon certain commission. You control the content and pricing.

You can even enroll in Kindle Unlimited, where readers pay a monthly fee to borrow books, and you earn based on pages read.

Amazon KDP offers tools to format your e-book, create covers, and track sales. You can update your book anytime. It’s like having your virtual bookstore!


user testing is a website where businesses connect with people to get feedback on websites, apps, and digital stuff.

You sign up, take a qualification test, and if you pass, you can do paid tests. The tests involve visiting a website or using an app while speaking your thoughts and sharing your experience on a recorded video.

Each test takes about 20 minutes. You get paid for your effort, usually around $10 per test. You can do tests from home using your computer or mobile device.

11. GMR Transcription

GMR Transcription is a transcription jobs platform where you can make money by transcribing audio and video files. As a transcriptionist, you listen to recordings and convert them into written documents.

You’ll receive projects based on your availability and skills. GMR Transcription pays per minute, around $0.75-$1 per audio minute.

You need good listening skills, fast typing, and attention to detail to succeed. It’s a flexible way to earn money from home or anywhere with internet access.

12. Current Rewards

Current Rewards is a mobile app that lets you earn rewards effortlessly. You earn points by doing activities you already enjoy, like listening to music and playing games.

The app offers a range of tasks, so there’s something for everyone. You can also watch videos, take surveys, and try out new apps for more points.

You can exchange your points for cool rewards! You can choose from gift cards from popular retailers like Amazon and Starbucks, or get cash instantly to PayPal.

13. Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards pays you for your opinion. They sends you short surveys based on your interests.

Just answer honestly and get real money or Google Play credits. The surveys are quick and cover various topics like shopping or current events.

Once you finish, you can use your rewards for apps, games, or movies on Google Play. Remember, the number of surveys depends on your demographics.

14. Teespring

Teespring is a platform where you can design and sell custom merchandise, such as T-shirts, to earn money.

Getting started is simple. Use Teespring’s easy design tools to create your unique designs. No need to be a pro artist!

After creating your designs, set the selling price for your products. Teespring handles everything else, from printing to shipping, so no worries about inventory or shipping hassles.

When someone buys a product with your design, you make a profit. Teespring subtracts production costs, and the rest is yours. Sell more, earn more!

You can boost sales by promoting campaigns on social media. Teespring also integrates with platforms like Shopify for seamless selling.

15. Foap

Foap is an online platform where photographers can sell their photos and earn money.

You just need to upload your best pictures to the Foap app. When someone buys your photo, you get paid. It’s that simple!

To get started, create an account on Foap and upload high-quality, eye-catching photos. Make sure they stand out from the crowd.

People and businesses browse the Foap marketplace to buy photos they like. Each time someone purchases your photo, you earn money. It’s a win-win situation!

Additionally, Foap offers photo missions from big brands and companies, offering higher payouts for the best shots. Keep an eye out for these missions to maximize your earnings.

16. Rakuten

Rakuten is an awesome platform where you can actually make money while shopping online.

Here’s the deal: When you buy stuff through Rakuten’s website or app, they give you cashback. It’s real money coming back to you!

Just sign up for a free account, browse their partner stores (like Amazon, Walmart, Target), and shop like you normally would.

You can earn different amounts of cashback, depending on the store and the deal. Once you’ve got enough, Rakuten sends you a check or deposits the money into your PayPal account.

They even have special promotions and coupon codes to help you save more.

17. Cambly

Cambly is a fantastic website where you can earn money by teaching English online. It’s perfect if you’re fluent in English and love helping others.

Here’s how it works: You’ll chat with students from around the world, helping them improve their English speaking skills through video calls. No teaching experience or fancy qualifications are required, just be a native or near-native English speaker with a friendly attitude.

You can choose your own schedule. There are no fixed hours.

18. Etsy

Etsy is a popular online marketplace for selling handmade and vintage items. It’s perfect for artists, crafters, and anyone who wants to earn money from their hobbies.

Setting up an Etsy store is easy. Just create an account, pick a catchy shop name, and start listing your products. You can add photos, write descriptions, and set prices effortlessly.

Etsy has a unique community of buyers looking for one-of-a-kind items. This means your creations have a targeted audience.

To succeed on Etsy, optimize your listings with relevant keywords and tags. Promote your shop on social media to reach more people.

19. Clickworker

Clickworker is a popular platform for completing tasks and micro-jobs. It’s simple to start – just need an internet connection and free time.

At Clickworker, you’ll find tasks like data entry, content creation, and research. Pick what suits your interests and skills.

Work whenever you want, no schedules or deadlines. It’s all about flexibility.

Payment varies for each task, but you’ll know the amount upfront.

To begin, sign up on the Clickworker website, create your profile, and start completing tasks once approved.

20. Udemy

Udemy is an online learning platform that lets you create and sell your own courses to make money. You can share your knowledge and expertise with people who want to learn from you.

Creating a course on Udemy is easy. Pick a topic you know well, create video lessons and quizzes, and help students learn.

You don’t need to be a pro teacher or have fancy equipment – a smartphone and passion for your subject are enough.

Once your course is ready, publish it on Udemy. They handle hosting, marketing, and payments, so you can focus on teaching. With millions of students worldwide, you have a big audience.

You earn money when someone enrolls in your course. Udemy shares a percentage of the course price with you.

21. is an online platform where you can earn money by becoming an online tutor. It’s a convenient way to share your knowledge and help students with their studies.

To get started, sign up as a tutor on the website. They have a screening process to ensure quality.

Once approved, create your profile and set your availability. Students can browse tutors and request sessions with you.

You can tutor in various subjects, from math to test prep. provides a virtual classroom for interaction through chat, audio, and video.

Payments are made hourly, and handles billing.

22. ClickBank

ClickBank is the an affiliate marketing network where you can earn commissions by referring people to products.

To get started, sign up as an affiliate, find products you like, and create special links.

Share these links on your website, social media, or through emails. You earn a commission when someone clicks your link and buys a product.

ClickBank has a wide range of digital products like e-books and online courses. Commissions can be as high as 75% of the product price.

23. Rover

If you’re a pet lover, sign up on Rover and become a pet sitter or dog walker. It’s an online platform connecting pet owners with caregivers like you.

Create a profile highlighting your pet experience and services. Pet owners can choose the right fit from profiles.

You can offer services like boarding, house sitting, or drop-in visits as a pet sitter.

Other Extra Ways

24. TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit is an online platform connecting people who need help with various tasks to individuals willing to do them for money. It’s a way to earn cash by offering your skills and services for things like chores, moving, gardening, and more.

25. Side Hustle Database

The Side Hustle Database is a resource for finding extra income opportunities. It lists different side hustles like freelancing, tutoring, affiliate marketing, and more. It’s a handy reference to explore various options to make money.

26. Fundrise

Fundrise is an online platform for investing in real estate properties. You can diversify your investment portfolio by putting money into commercial and residential projects. It offers lower minimum investments and provides updates on your investments’ performance.

27. Shutterstock

Shutterstock is a popular marketplace for selling stock photos, videos, and music. It allows photographers, designers, and musicians to make money from their creative work.

Users can upload their content, earn royalties based on downloads, and Shutterstock takes care of licensing and distribution.

28. lets you earn money by taking surveys, searching the web, and engaging in online activities.

By installing their browser extension, you can see sponsored links while searching and earn cash rewards by clicking on them. They also have a mobile app with more earning opportunities like surveys and offers.

29. Legendary Marketer

Legendary Marketer is an online platform that teaches digital marketing and helps people start online businesses. It offers courses, mentorship, and support for entrepreneurs.

You can learn about affiliate marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, and more. They also emphasize building a personal brand and effective communication skills.

Legendary Marketer has a community of entrepreneurs and an affiliate program for earning commissions.

30. Arrived Homes

Arrived Homes lets you invest in rental properties. They buy single-family homes and manage them for you.

You invest money, acquire properties, find tenants, and handle maintenance. You earn rental income and potential property value appreciation. They provide transparent reporting and updates on your investments.

31. Zazzle

Zazzle is an online marketplace where you can design and sell custom products like clothing and accessories.

You create designs or upload artwork, and they handle production and shipping. You set prices and earn a commission on sales. Zazzle has a design community for collaboration and feedback.

32. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is an online platform where you can earn money by taking paid surveys. You create a profile, complete surveys, and earn points.

Once you have enough points, you can redeem them for cash or gift cards. It’s user-friendly and offers occasional focus groups or product testing opportunities.

33. Twitch

Twitch is a live-streaming platform for video games and more. Streamers play games, interact with viewers through chat, and earn money through subscriptions, donations, and ad revenue.

Twitch offers partnerships and affiliate programs for streamers to monetize their content. It has expanded to include categories like music, art, and cooking. Twitch promotes community engagement with features like raids and offline events like TwitchCon.

34. ShareASale

Join this affiliate marketing network to promote products and services from various merchants. Earn commissions when people make purchases through your affiliate links.

35. Respondent

Participate in research studies and surveys and get paid. Connect with market researchers looking for participants matching specific criteria.

36. HealthyWage

Set weight loss goals and bet on yourself to achieve them. If successful, you win cash prizes and rewards for getting healthier.

37. Mercari

Sell your new or used items on this online marketplace. Create listings, ship products to buyers, and earn money by decluttering your home.


Offer your caregiving services, such as childcare, pet sitting, tutoring, and more. Connect with individuals or families in need of care and get paid for your services.

Final Thoughts on Secret Website to Make Money

In conclusion, I’ve explored 38 secret websites that can help you make money in 2023. These websites offer unique opportunities to earn extra cash and maybe even turn your side hustle into a full-time gig.

From online surveys and microtasks to freelancing and selling your creations, there’s something for everyone. Making money online requires dedication, patience, and a willingness to explore new opportunities.

So go ahead and give these websites a try, and who knows, you might discover a hidden gem that brings you financial success.


These websites offer various ways to make money online. You can do freelance work, take online surveys, sell products, and engage in affiliate marketing, among other options.

While it’s hard to pinpoint the absolute “best” websites, here are some popular ones for making money online:

  • Freelancing platforms like Upwork and Fiverr for offering your skills to clients.
  • Survey websites like Swagbucks and Survey Junkie, where you can earn money by completing surveys.
  • Online marketplaces like Etsy and eBay for selling handmade or secondhand items.
  • Affiliate marketing platforms like Amazon Associates or ClickBank, where you earn commissions by promoting products.
  • Content creation platforms like YouTube and Medium, where you can monetize your videos or articles.

The best way depends on your skills and interests. You can try freelancing, starting an online business, selling digital products or courses, investing in stocks or cryptocurrencies, or participating in affiliate marketing. Experiment to find the most suitable method for you.

To avoid scams, follow these tips:

  • Research the website or platform thoroughly before getting involved.
  • Be cautious of unrealistic promises or “get-rich-quick” schemes.
  • Avoid sites asking for upfront fees or sensitive personal information.
  • Trust your instincts and be wary of suspicious offers.
  • Seek advice from trusted sources or online communities specializing in online money-making opportunities.

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