Making money online is a popular and easy way to earn income in today’s digital world. However, many of the best opportunities are often kept secret.

That’s why I’ve researched and put together a list of 38 secret websites to make money online in 2024.

These secret websites are different from the usual ones because they are exclusive and full of untapped potential.

While everyone else is focused on the same old ways to make money, you have the advantage of discovering these lesser-known websites.

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Secret Websites to Make Money

What are the secret websites to make money online in 2023?

1. Thinkific

Thinkific is one of the top learning management system (LMS) platforms that enables you to create and sell online courses.


Here are some tips to make money with Thinkific:

  • Identify your niche and create a valuable course that people would pay for. You can teach anything from programming to painting.
  • Promote your course through social media, SEO, affiliates, and joint ventures. Funnel interested students to your Thinkific course site.
  • You keep most of the revenue you generate since Thinkific charges a competitive fee. Their commissions start from as low as 5% per transaction.

They even hook you up with marketing tools to help you bring in more students and grow your online teaching biz.

People are making over $1000 per month selling all kinds of courses on Thinkific.

Real World Example:

“After losing my job and going through a divorce, I found myself as a single mom of four without income. I moved back home and realized I needed to start my own business sharing my sales, finance, and business knowledge.

I started by selling one-on-one coaching calls but with limited time as a mom, I knew I needed a more scalable solution.

I launched online courses on Gumroad, with 50,000 people purchasing my affordable courses in the first year. While successful, I wanted to provide a more polished, interactive experience for students.

That’s when I discovered Thinkific Plus. Since launching my academy “Ellie Talks Money” on Thinkific in January 2022, I’ve earned over 7 figures in revenue!

Thinkific’s customizable, branded landing pages have boosted conversions. The interactive courses keep students more engaged, and accountable and get better results. My Customer Success Manager Nova provides incredibly helpful, personalized support in making the most of the platform too.

Between the platform and community, Thinkific empowers me to better educate aspiring entrepreneurs – uplifting women, moms, and entrepreneurs of color. My business went from necessity to passion, and I couldn’t have scaled it without Thinkific.”- Ellie

2. Wealthy Affiliate

wealthy affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is an industry-leading training platform to start and grow an online business. You can take their free membership to access training on:

  • How to start a website
  • Search engine optimization
  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • And much more

With these skills, you can then make money with:

Affiliate Marketing: This means promoting other company’s products and taking a share of the sales you drive. Wealthy Affiliate teaches you to build review websites and partner with big brands like Amazon.

Sell Your Own Products: You can sell your own informational products, online courses, ebooks, etc., and keep 100% of the profit.

Freelancing Services: Offer your skills like web design, copywriting, legal services, etc. to businesses around the world.

Wealthy Affiliate provides the blueprint for anyone to make money online. It has helped create many success stories of people making 6 to 7 figures yearly.

Real World Example

This is the story of Stephaine, a Wealthy Affiliate member who started and sold her blog for $28k after 13 months.

My site was 13 months old and reflects about 6 months of work due to a period where I ignored it because of my other obligations. 13 months ago I had no idea how to sell a blog.

An established competitor in my niche reached out to buy it, and after much deliberation, I decided to sell my blog.

After factoring in my prior income from the blog, I’ve been paid almost $600 for each article (there were just under 60 total).

If you’d told me that was my “salary” when writing, it would have been less of a chore!!

I never thought this hobby would be profitable so quickly, nor would I have imagined someone wanting to buy my precious blog so soon. It was flattering to have someone established to see that my “real estate” in the niche was valuable.

My mentor tells me to be patient for round 2, take the time to build up authority, and give my content a chance to mature. He’s right – this is the process. Even if I do flip my next blog, I’m going to give it more time to increase in value.

My buyer will benefit from the content that I’ve written over the last 6 months that isn’t yet ranked. It’s been interesting to see the changes that they’ve made to the blog even at this juncture.

At this moment, I can put this $ to good use, and I’m considering using some of it to buy another site that’s already established, build it up, and have that “head start” with Google.

I was sloppy with this blog in many ways. I didn’t do social media, and I didn’t do guest posts. But I rocked the heck out of getting traffic and keyword ranking. So, I know I can bring these skills to a new project.


Thank you for the outpouring of support for this venture. I may do a WA training on my “methods”, as many of you have requested. However, I did just follow the training on here!!- Stephaine

3. Fiverr


Fiverr is a popular online marketplace where freelancers offer their services, called “gigs” starting at $5. As a buyer, you can hire talented professionals in writing, graphic design, video creation, programming, and more.

As a seller, you can register and offer your skills as gigs. Once you deliver the service and the buyer is satisfied, Fiverr releases your payment after deducting a small transaction fee.

Here are some tips to make money on Fiverr:

  • Create compelling gig titles and descriptions that convince buyers to hire you. Show examples of your best work.
  • Set reasonable delivery times and provide excellent customer service to get good reviews. This will boost your profile.
  • Become a Level 1 or Level 2 certified seller by delivering consistently good work. You can then unlock more privileges.
  • Slowly increase your gig pricing once you accumulate good reviews and repeat customers.

Dedicated Fiverr freelancers can make over $5000 per month by working full-time. The platform gives you the flexibility to work whenever and wherever you want.

Real World Example:

“I stumbled upon Fiverr when my nephew showed me an impressive logo he had purchased there. I was amazed by the variety of creative services offered by Fiverr sellers. As a designer in a small town with limited local opportunities, the idea of selling my services online made perfect sense. I decided to give it a try.

I published my first gig offering stylized pet portrait paintings and received my first order within just two weeks! Early on, I got the inspiration for gigs from services I enjoyed purchasing myself on the platform. I quickly advanced to become a Level 2 Seller.

I now target startups and freelancers seeking quality design work on a budget. Buyers launching new companies want something personalized but can rarely afford original branding and logos. So I crafted logo offerings specifically catering to their needs.

Fiverr now generates 30-40% of my annual income. It’s allowing me to save up for my dream trip to Japan! I’m fascinated by the culture there, especially manga. I just know I’ll come back brimming with fresh gig ideas.

I love buying gigs too. My favorite is a retro poster designer whom I even met during a Fiverr event in London. Interacting with appreciative buyers has made me more collaborative as a person. It’s helped me uncover creative talents I never knew I had. I’m constantly updating offerings, responding to buyer requests, and promoting my services across social media. I once shared Fiverr with 5,000 people at a public event – perhaps a future in officially promoting the platform lies ahead!”- Joebrise

4. Gigwalk


Gigwalk is a mobile crowdsourcing platform that allows businesses to outsource tasks to a large network of independent workers.

As a Gigwalker, you get notified about local gigs in categories like retail audits, product demonstrations, mystery shopping, and market research.

Here’s how the money-making process works:

  1. You install the Gigwalk app and set your location preferences
  2. Choose from available gigs near you like checking prices at a store, interviewing customers, promoting a new drink, etc.
  3. Complete the gig by following the business’ guidelines within the designated timeframe.
  4. Submit a photo, video, or other proof of completion through the app.
  5. Gigwalk reviews and approves your work before crediting your account with the amount you earned.

You have complete control over which gigs you take up allowing you to earn money at your convenience. Gigwalk is currently available in select metro cities but continues to expand globally. Early adopters can establish themselves in new markets for more earning potential.

On average, active Gigwalkers make $100-200 dollars a week working part-time on local gigs of their choice.

Real World Example:

“I was thrilled when I was chosen for my first Gigwalk gig shortly after downloading the app. For $5, I could perform quick tasks like surveying store displays and taking photos, using just my smartphone. It seemed like an easy way to earn extra cash.

My first gig was to visit an electronics chain and photograph Kindle displays, answering survey questions about the presentation. Another involved providing indoor/outdoor photos and a panorama for local businesses to improve their Bing search results – so cool to contribute imagery people would see online!

Though some gigs like the Bing photos initially seemed invasive, Gigwalk provides a letter to assure management. And while the gig pay seems low, the idea is you can conveniently stack multiple gigs from your surrounding area in one outing.

My husband joined my first gig outing with our baby to see the process. While snapping photos, I realized location services weren’t enabled on my camera. Oops! I had to retake everything as the location is required for submission. Lesson learned – carefully follow all posted gig guidelines.

Answering the survey questions was time-consuming but straightforward. Overall the gig took about 40 minutes excluding drive time. For the effort involved, I felt $5 wasn’t quite enough compensation. But in a busy metro I could see rapidly tacking on multiple nearby gigs.

We’ve since done more gigs that I’ll complete as I’m in the area within the 33-day limit. While not as profitable as I imagined, I still enjoyed the unique tasks and bringing my family along. It was entertaining to essentially get paid $5 to take photos and answer questions inside a store.”- Alana

5. Medium


Medium is a platform where you can earn money by sharing your writing. It’s perfect for aspiring authors to showcase their talent and make some cash.

Here’s how it works: create an account, write articles on topics that interest you, and get people to read and engage with your articles.

Medium has a Partner Program where you earn money based on the number of “claps” your articles receive. Claps are like virtual applause. The more claps, the more money you make. It’s simple.

To earn more on Medium, you can write sponsored posts and use affiliate links on your post.

Real World Example:

“I published only my second-ever Medium article about four Japanese mindsets that transform thinking. Shockingly, it swiftly went viral, earning me over $2,000 in a couple of months! I didn’t slave away for years or have special skills – I candidly wrote from the heart about a topic I love and luck struck.

In writing this piece, I focused on an obscure, evergreen subject I’m passionate about and know extensively. I kept the article simple, conversational, and digestible at around 7 minutes of reading time. My title and cover image aimed to convey the mystery of foreign concepts and spark the reader’s curiosity.

After publishing, the article was rapidly curated, and views accumulated. By week two it had 1,000 views daily and $30+ in earnings per day! External shares drove explosive viral growth, without any promotion strategy from me. Earnings peaked at a jaw-dropping $166 in one day during week three!

My key lesson learned is that luck tremendously impacts viral success. So persist in creating valuable content, stay patient, and believe in yourself.

Always strive to genuinely better readers’ lives. Curation assists in reaching wider audiences to possibly catch lucky breaks. Viral hits can come from anywhere, even novice writers lacking tactics. Thoughtfully respond to comments, but few will come. Follow and interact with fans. Capitalize on successes by expanding on those proven topics.”- Amardeep

6. BestMark


BestMark offers an interesting way to make money by becoming a mystery shopper. As a mystery shopper with BestMark, you get paid to shop at various stores in your area and report on your experience.

To get started, you’ll need to fill out an online application. Once approved, you can start claiming open mystery shopping opportunities in your area.

Some of the perks of working with BestMark include:

  • Getting reimbursed for purchases made during your evaluation
  • Lots of flexibility – you choose when and where you want to shop
  • Ability to make your schedule and work part-time
  • Pays between $8-$20 per assignment depending on the type of shop

BestMark reviews your feedback and pays you via direct deposit or PayPal.

Real World Example:

I have been a Bestmark shopper for about a year now and I thought I would share as I have really enjoyed working for them. I am about to do a shop tomorrow, and I thought of you beautiful people here.

I always thought that mystery shopping was a scam, but it was something that I thought was a cool idea. I still signed up for Bestmark, thinking it was a scam. My first shop was a Ford oil change where I would be reimbursed for the oil change and paid $10 for the shop. If I didn’t get reimbursed, I still got my oil changed, right? I completed all of the required documentation submitted the forms, and received my $55 check about a month later.

Since then I have done shops at Walgreens, other car dealerships, and Kmart. I am very limited in my area, but I live in a small town. There are calls that pay $3 to vehicle shops that pay $45 (I am doing one of these tomorrow). The surveys do not take too much time, but this is more of a professional type of job and at times requires a camera, a computer, human interaction, and about an hour of your time. Overall, I think it has been a fun experience.”- Cecilia5026

7. Upwork


Upwork is one of the best websites for freelancers looking to earn money online. With Upwork, you can offer your services for activities like:

  • Writing & Editing
  • Graphic design
  • Programming
  • Digital Marketing
  • Data entry, and more!

To get started, simply create a compelling freelancer profile highlighting your service offerings.

Here’s how it works: Businesses post projects, and freelancers bid on them. You write a proposal explaining why you’re a good fit and your price. The client reviews proposals and picks a freelancer. If chosen, you work on the project and get paid.

Real World Example:

“I’m Muhammad Qasim, a UX/UI and product designer who started freelancing in 2016. I began small on Fiverr, completing my first $50 logo project which took 10 long days. But I was hooked – I knew I had to pour everything into freelancing success. I soon started pulling in $400-500 per month working 16-hour days, letting me quit my job.

Early on I realized the importance of value-based pricing. I focused on conveying value to clients in my work and building ongoing relationships. Soon I had recurring accounts and $3-5K consistent monthly Fiverr earnings.

After a couple of years and 350+ orders, I brought my skills to Upwork. I quickly earned Rising Star and Top Rated Seller status. But charging hourly limited my earnings ceiling.

My secret recipe was strategically bidding on long-term contracts with 100s of hours of work. This allowed me to efficiently complete 8 client hours in 2 to 3 hours while logging 24 billable hours daily across a few major clients.

Sustaining $10-15K per month this way for months allowed me to launch an agency with dedicated Upwork staff. My workload grew immensely, requiring additional local team members to support the business’s growth.

Now after 5 years, I’ve earned over $100K between the two platforms and completed 500+ orders. My keys to success have been: to pursue niche focus, win business by value not grabs, continually better my skills, take real breaks, avoid isolation, and read widely.

In the end, I’ve leveraged my design capabilities, efficiency techniques, value pricing, and client relationships to earn over $100,000 on Upwork so far.”- Muhammad Qasim

8. Branded surveys

branded surveys

If you have free time and don’t mind sharing your consumer opinions, Branded Surveys is a website you should check out. Branded Surveys partners with large brands and research companies to provide online survey opportunities.

To qualify, you’ll first need to fill out your demographic profile. This allows you to get matched to surveys that are a good fit. For each survey you finish, you earn points.

These points can be redeemed for rewards like gift cards or cash through PayPal.

9. Amazon KDP

Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) is a platform where you can publish your e-books on Amazon and earn money. No need for a publishing deal or an agent—just your awesome book and creativity!

Once you upload your book, your e-book reaches Kindle users. On every purchase, you make money after Amazon’s certain commission. You control the content and pricing.

You can even enroll in Kindle Unlimited, where readers pay a monthly fee to borrow books, and you earn based on pages read.

Amazon KDP offers tools to format your e-book, create covers, and track sales. You can update your book anytime. It’s like having your virtual bookstore!

Real World Example:

“Looking back, I can see my writing career has progressed through a combination of strategy, perseverance, and luck. When I released my first book, an intro to a post-apocalyptic superhero series, I was thrilled to earn $100 a month in royalties right off the bat, thanks in large part to Kindle Unlimited.

Six months later, my second book, which kicked off an urban fantasy series, only did okay despite good reviews. My income inched up to $150 a month.

Another six months later, I was earning $200 a month when I released the sequel in my superhero series. That’s when things really took off. In the first month, my income suddenly jumped to $1000, and it kept climbing.

By January, I was making $2000 a month, and sales have stayed steady since. I credit this boost to the magic of sequels – once readers got invested in the characters, they eagerly snapped up the next installments.

I’ve published more books this year, including sequels in my urban fantasy series, but none have replicated that explosive 10x growth. Still, each new release provides a bump in sales and royalties across the board. By optimizing covers and blurbs, I’ve also boosted backlist sales. Now I’m regularly earning $3k-$4k a month, with more growth expected when I wrap up my superhero trilogy this November.

While I do minimal Amazon ads, luck surely played a role too. Getting my foot in the door and having my work resonate with readers jumpstarted everything.”- Ctullbane


user testing

Have you ever wanted to get paid for testing websites or providing your opinion? is a website where businesses connect with people to get feedback on websites, apps, and digital stuff.

You sign up, take a qualification test, and if you pass, you can do paid tests. The tests involve visiting a website or using an app while speaking your thoughts and sharing your experience on a recorded video.

Each test takes about 20 minutes. You get paid for your effort, usually around $10 per test. You can do tests from home using your computer or mobile device.

Real World Example:

“User Testing is a great side hustle to have or do online or from the comfort of your home. This isn’t something to replace your 9-5 job, but rather a way to earn SUPPLEMENTAL income, your earnings on UT all depend on the time, effort, demographics, and feedback you provide on these tests. I’ve made over $400 this month of December on UT. I do other side hustles and gigs as a self-employed gig worker such as online surveys and UberEATS deliveries.”- COSMO

11. GMR Transcription

GMR Transcription is a transcription jobs platform where you can make money by transcribing audio and video files. As a transcriptionist, you listen to recordings and convert them into written documents.

You’ll receive projects based on your availability and skills. GMR Transcription pays per minute, around $0.75-$1 per audio minute.

You need good listening skills, fast typing, and attention to detail to succeed. It’s a flexible way to earn money from home or anywhere with internet access.

12. Current Rewards

Current Rewards is an app that pays you to complete small tasks, take quizzes, play new games, shop online, and watch advertised videos. You can earn “coins” for every task you complete, which can then be redeemed for gift cards.

I like Current Rewards because the tasks are simple, the app is user-friendly, and the payout is quick. Within the first week of using the app, I already earned a $10 gift card just by playing games and watching videos!

You can exchange your points for cool rewards! You can choose from gift cards from popular retailers like Amazon and Starbucks, or get cash instantly to PayPal.

13. Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is a free app created by Google that rewards you with credit for taking quick surveys and sharing your opinion. Questions range from topics like places you’ve visited recently to your experience with a certain app or product.

The amount you get paid varies but averages around $0.10-$0.50 per survey. Your credits get stored as Google Play balance or PayPal cash.

For Google Play, you can use your credits to purchase movies, books, apps, and more on Google platforms. And if you link a PayPal account, you can cash out whenever you want.

It only takes a few minutes each week to complete the available surveys. And since it’s 100% free and comes from Google – a reputable, household name – you don’t have to worry about scams or spam.

I’ve earned over $60 in credits by sharing my opinion on places I’ve shopped and products I use. It’s an effortless way to get rewarded for everyday actions!

14. Teespring


Teespring allows you to create and sell custom t-shirt designs with no upfront cost. You simply design your shirt, set up your storefront, and promote your product. They handle printing the shirts when orders come in and shipping them straight to the customer.

As a designer, you set the price point for your t-shirts. Teespring takes a small cut of the profits and pays you the rest. You can also opt to donate a percentage of the proceeds if you wish.

Most designers earn a $3-$5 profit per t-shirt sold. But with the power of social media marketing, some designers earn hundreds to thousands per month!

I like that you can upload all kinds of pop culture, niche, viral, and trending designs. You don’t need any advanced design experience since they have easy online software to customize shirts exactly how you want.

It does take consistent self-promotion and social media marketing to drive traffic to your store and get sales. But it costs you $0 out of pocket to get started, which makes Teespring a risk-free way to earn.

15. Foap

Foap is a photo marketplace app that allows you to sell your phone images. Known as a “stock image platform for all,” Foap distributes and licenses user-generated images to companies.

You simply download the Foap app, upload your iPhone or Android photos that align with mission themes, title them, set your price, and then wait to make money. Themes range from generic topics like “Summer,” “Sunsets,” and “Pets,” to niche categories like “Freckles,” “Gap Teeth,” and “Brunch”.

Every photo you upload has the potential to sell over and over. When companies purchase your images for blogs, advertisements, commercials, merchandise, and more – you get paid! As of now, Foap contributors have earned over $10 million in total.

The base license fee starts at $10 per image. But with viral images or popularity over time, you can earn up to $50,000 off a single photo! Top Foap photographers make up to 5-figures in passive income each month.

I like Foap because you earn for photos you already have. It takes little effort to upload images that could keep earning for years to come.

16. Rakuten

Rakuten, formerly called Ebates, offers cash-back rewards that you can redeem for PayPal cash or gift cards. It’s one of the largest and most trusted cashback services available.

How it works – Rakuten has affiliate relationships with over 3,500 popular stores and brands. When you access a retailer’s site through Rakuten and make an eligible purchase, you earn cashback as a reward. Cashback rates range from 1% to over 10% depending on the store.

Some partner stores include Best Buy, Macy’s, Michael Kors,, and so many more. Shopping categories span fashion, beauty, home improvement, tech, and travel. You can also earn bonuses for referring friends.

Rakuten is my favorite way to earn while I shop online since I would buy from these retailers anyway. Over the past year, I’ve made over $120 cashback without changing my spending habits at all.

17. Cambly

Cambly is an online tutoring platform that allows you to get paid to have conversations with students around the world who want to practice their English. As a tutor on Cambly, you set your hours and earn $10.20 per hour.

To qualify as a tutor, you’ll need to be a native English speaker with no strong regional accents. You’ll also need a quiet, distraction-free place with a computer, high-speed internet, and a webcam. The process to get approved as a tutor is simple and Cambly offers guidance along the way.

Once approved, you can log in online whenever it suits your schedule. Students browse Cambly tutors and you get paid for each minute you spend conversing with assigned students

18. Etsy

Etsy is a popular online marketplace where creative entrepreneurs sell handmade, vintage, or customizable products. As an Etsy seller, you can easily turn arts and crafts into extra money.

To get started, you’ll need to set up an Etsy shop, add listings for what you’re selling, and market your products. Etsy charges only $0.20 to list an item and takes a small commission when you make a sale.

Everything sold on Etsy must be handmade, vintage, or a craft supply. Top-selling categories include jewelry, art, paper goods, clothing, home décor, and more. The key is finding a specialty that leverages your skills and appeals to shoppers.

An Etsy shop is simple to run from home and on your own time. As your shop grows in sales and reviews, your income-earning potential increases. It’s not uncommon for dedicated Etsy sellers to earn over $1,000 a month.

19. Clickworker

Clickworker is a global crowdsourcing platform where companies outsource micro jobs that can be done remotely by independent workers.

As a Clickworker, you’ll earn money completing a wide range of tasks like data entry, proofreading, research, surveys, product categorization, testing websites or apps, and more.

Payment varies based on the type and complexity of the work. Many micro jobs pay a small per-task fee (ex. $0.05 to $0.50), though some jobs pay over $5.00. Experienced Clickworkers report earning over $500 a month, with top performers making well over that amount.

Clickworker micro jobs are ideal for earning extra money from home as your schedule allows. There are no long-term commitments and you can choose to accept or pass on any work.

20. Udemy

Udemy is one of the world’s largest online learning platforms, offering over 213,000 video courses taught by independent instructors on topics like business, technology, personal development, and more.

As an instructor on Udemy, you can earn substantial passive income from the courses you create and sell.

The process involves first identifying a high-demand niche and learning topic, filming your lessons using basic video recording equipment, and then publishing your course on the Udemy platform.

Udemy allows you to set your course price and pays instructors anywhere from 40-75% of the revenue generated.

Top Udemy instructors like Angela Yu and Dr. Angela Yu each have over 300,000 students and earn well over $2 million in course sales per year.

21. connects students with qualified tutors for on-demand academic support. As a tutor, you set your hours and earn between $16 to $22 per hour providing online tutoring in over 300 subjects.

To qualify, you’ll need to apply with and pass an exam testing your expertise in the subjects you’ll tutor. The requirements vary based on the topic, but tutors generally need to have a four-year college degree or higher in relevant fields.

Once approved, you’ll receive scheduling priority based on your experience level and performance. Top tutors report earning over $1,000 per month by tutoring students of all ages in everything from math and science to essay writing and test prep.

22. ClickBank

ClickBank is an affiliate marketing network where you can earn commissions by referring people to products.

To get started, sign up as an affiliate, find products you like, and create special links.

Share these links on your website, social media, or through emails. You earn a commission when someone clicks your link and buys a product.

ClickBank has a wide range of digital products like e-books and online courses. Commissions can be as high as 75% of the product price.

23. Rover

If you’re a pet lover, sign up on Rover and become a pet sitter or dog walker. It’s an online platform connecting pet owners with caregivers like you.

Create a profile highlighting your pet experience and services. Pet owners can choose the right fit from their profiles.

You can offer services like boarding, house sitting, or drop-in visits as a pet sitter.

Other Extra Ways

24. TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit is an online platform connecting people who need help with various tasks to individuals willing to do them for money. It’s a way to earn cash by offering your skills and services for things like chores, moving, gardening, and more.

25. Side Hustle Database

The Side Hustle Database is a resource for finding extra income opportunities. It lists different side hustles like freelancing, tutoring, affiliate marketing, and more. It’s a handy reference to explore various options to make money.

26. Fundrise

Fundrise is an online platform for investing in real estate properties. You can diversify your investment portfolio by putting money into commercial and residential projects. It offers lower minimum investments and provides updates on your investments’ performance.

27. Shutterstock

Shutterstock is a popular marketplace for selling stock photos, videos, and music. It allows photographers, designers, and musicians to make money from their creative work.

Users can upload their content, and earn royalties based on downloads, and Shutterstock takes care of licensing and distribution.

28. lets you earn money by taking surveys, searching the web, and engaging in online activities.

By installing their browser extension, you can see sponsored links while searching and earn cash rewards by clicking on them. They also have a mobile app with more earning opportunities like surveys and offers.

29. Legendary Marketer

Legendary Marketer is an online platform that teaches digital marketing and helps people start online businesses. It offers courses, mentorship, and support for entrepreneurs.

You can learn about affiliate marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, and more. They also emphasize building a personal brand and effective communication skills.

Legendary Marketer has a community of entrepreneurs and an affiliate program for earning commissions.

30. Arrived Homes

Arrived Homes lets you invest in rental properties. They buy single-family homes and manage them for you.

You invest money, acquire properties, find tenants, and handle maintenance. You earn rental income and potential property value appreciation. They provide transparent reporting and updates on your investments.

31. Zazzle

Zazzle is an online marketplace where you can design and sell custom products like clothing and accessories.

You create designs or upload artwork, and they handle production and shipping. You set prices and earn a commission on sales. Zazzle has a design community for collaboration and feedback.

32. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is an online platform where you can earn money by taking paid surveys. You create a profile, complete surveys, and earn points.

Once you have enough points, you can redeem them for cash or gift cards. It’s user-friendly and offers occasional focus groups or product testing opportunities.

33. Twitch

Twitch is a live-streaming platform for video games and more. Streamers play games, interact with viewers through chat, and earn money through subscriptions, donations, and ad revenue.

Twitch offers partnerships and affiliate programs for streamers to monetize their content. It has expanded to include categories like music, art, and cooking. Twitch promotes community engagement with features like raids and offline events like TwitchCon.

34. ShareASale

Join this affiliate marketing network to promote products and services from various merchants. Earn commissions when people make purchases through your affiliate links.

35. Respondent

Participate in research studies and surveys and get paid. Connect with market researchers looking for participants matching specific criteria.

36. HealthyWage

Set weight loss goals and bet on yourself to achieve them. If successful, you win cash prizes and rewards for getting healthier.

37. Mercari

Sell your new or used items on this online marketplace. Create listings, ship products to buyers, and earn money by decluttering your home.


Offer your caregiving services, such as childcare, pet sitting, tutoring, and more. Connect with individuals or families in need of care and get paid for your services.

Final Thoughts on Secret Website to Make Money

In conclusion, I’ve explored 38 secret websites that can help you make money in 2023. These websites offer unique opportunities to earn extra cash and maybe even turn your side hustle into a full-time gig.

From online surveys and microtasks to freelancing and selling your creations, there’s something for everyone. Making money online requires dedication, patience, and a willingness to explore new opportunities.

So go ahead and give these websites a try, and who knows, you might discover a hidden gem that brings you financial success.


These websites offer various ways to make money online. You can do freelance work, take online surveys, sell products, and engage in affiliate marketing, among other options.

While it’s hard to pinpoint the absolute “best” websites, here are some popular ones for making money online:

  • Freelancing platforms like Upwork and Fiverr for offering your skills to clients.
  • Survey websites like Swagbucks and Survey Junkie, where you can earn money by completing surveys.
  • Online marketplaces like Etsy and eBay for selling handmade or secondhand items.
  • Affiliate marketing platforms like Amazon Associates or ClickBank, where you earn commissions by promoting products.
  • Content creation platforms like YouTube and Medium, where you can monetize your videos or articles.

The best way depends on your skills and interests. You can try freelancing, starting an online business, selling digital products or courses, investing in stocks or cryptocurrencies, or participating in affiliate marketing. Experiment to find the most suitable method for you.

To avoid scams, follow these tips:

  • Research the website or platform thoroughly before getting involved.
  • Be cautious of unrealistic promises or “get-rich-quick” schemes.
  • Avoid sites asking for upfront fees or sensitive personal information.
  • Trust your instincts and be wary of suspicious offers.
  • Seek advice from trusted sources or online communities specializing in online money-making opportunities.

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