If you’re a 14-year-old want to make some extra cash, you’ve come to the right place! I know that juggling school, hobbies, and saving up for your dream gadgets can be quite a challenge.

In this article, I am going to show you the 21 best and easy jobs for 14 years old that not only let you have fun but also pay you well.

No need to spend hours scrolling through irrelevant information – I’ve covered jobs that actually pay well and fit right into your busy schedule.

Easy Jobs For 14 Years Old

Testing websites and apps

Testing websites and apps is a cool job for tech-savvy 14-year-olds. Companies pay you to check websites and apps to make sure they work well. You’ll use them like a regular user and give your honest thoughts.

app tester

First, sign up with testing websites. Some of the legit testing websites are UserTesting, UserBrain, UserFeel, uTest, Userlytics, etc.

Once you’re in, they’ll send you tests. Open the website or app they want you to test. Follow the instructions they give you. Click around, explore, and note any problems.

Feedback is vital! Tell them what works and what doesn’t. Be specific.

You can do this from home. All you need is a computer or smartphone and the internet.

You can make good side income testing websites and apps. For example, UserTesting pays you $10 for 20 minutes of test.

But you may not find testing tasks frequently, so better to sign up for all the sites mentioned above.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is like being a super cool promoter! You set up a blog or social media page where you talk about things you love.

Then, you can join an affiliate program of a company that sells stuff related to what you talk about. They give you special links.

To find a company that offers an affiliate program, you can do a Google search or visit their website.

Now, when someone clicks your link and buys something from that company, you get paid a commission – like a reward! It’s like making money from sharing things you enjoy!

But remember, honesty is key! Only promote stuff you really like and believe in. Don’t just do it for the money.

Car washing

You can make money by cleaning cars. Just ask neighbors or family friends if they want their cars shiny.

You can do it in your driveway or at their home. Get a bucket, soap, sponge, and hose, and you’re ready to roll!

Here’s how you can do it:

Talk to people: Ask around your area if they need car wash service.

Get supplies: Grab a bucket, car soap, a sponge, and a hose.

Find a spot: Pick a place to wash the cars, like your driveway.

Start washing: Wet the car with the hose, lather up with soap, and scrub gently with the sponge.

Rinse and dry: Rinse off the soap and dry the car with a clean cloth.

Get paid: You can charge $20 to $50 for washing a car.

Cashier at a local store

As a 14-year-old, you can work as a cashier in some small stores, especially during weekends or summer. Being a cashier means you help customers at the checkout counter.

You ring up their items, take their money, and give them change. You also need to be friendly and polite to customers.

To get the job, ask around at local shops if they’re hiring. Sometimes, family friends, or neighbors may need a cashier, so don’t hesitate to ask them too. Remember to follow any rules and regulations about working hours and breaks.

A local store cashier makes $14.50 on average.

Online surveys

Online surveys are short questionnaires available on the Internet. Companies pay people to answer these surveys and share their opinions about products and ideas. You can participate from your computer or phone at home.

To get started, find legitimate survey websites with your parents’ help. Some of the legit sites that offer online surveys are Swagbucks, Branded Surveys, InboxDollars, SurveyJunkie, etc.

Create an account and wait for survey invitations through email. Click on the links and answer the questions honestly when you have time.

Surveys don’t make you rich, but they add up over time, giving you some pocket money. Remember to be patient and have fun!


If you love coffee and chatting with people, becoming a barista is perfect for you! You get to work in a coffee shop, making and serving delicious drinks. It’s like being a coffee wizard! You take orders, make coffee, and might even do artsy designs on top.

How to start:

  • Find local cafes that need help.
  • Talk to the boss and say you want to be a barista.
  • Learn about coffee and the machine.
  • Practice making coffee at home or with friends.
  • Be friendly and smile – people love good vibes!
  • You can make $14.22 per hour on average doing this task.

Pet sitting or dog walking

If you really like animals and you’re responsible, you can do pet sitting or dog walking for people in your neighborhood. Pet sitting means taking care of someone’s pets while they are away.

pet sitting

It’s like babysitting, but for pets! You may feed them, play with them, and make sure they’re safe and happy. Dog walking is when you take someone’s dog for a walk, so they get exercise and fresh air.

How to do it? You can ask your neighbors, and family friends, or spread the word that you’re available for pet sitting or dog walking. Make sure to agree on the price and the schedule with the pet owners.

You can make an average of $15 per hour as a pet sitter and $16.61 per hour as a dog walker.

Lawn mowing and gardening

Do you like being outdoors and getting your hands dirty? Then lawn mowing and gardening could be a cool way for you to earn some cash! Here’s what it’s about:

Lawn Mowing: You help people by cutting their grass with a lawnmower. It’s simple and gives their yard a neat look!

Gardening: This is more than just mowing. You might help with planting flowers, weeding, or watering plants. Making gardens look beautiful!

How to Start:

  • Ask neighbors or family friends if they need help with their lawn or garden.
  • Make sure you have proper tools, like a lawnmower, gardening gloves, and a watering can.
  • Decide on a fair price for your work, depending on the size of the lawn or garden.
  • You can make an average of $19.95 per hour as a gardener and $16.45 an hour as a lawn mower.


Babysitting is a fun job where you get to take care of kids while their parents are away. It’s like being a temporary big sibling! You play games, read stories, and keep them safe. Many families need babysitters, so you can find jobs easily.


First, ask your parents if it’s okay to babysit and let them know where you’ll be. Start by babysitting for family friends or neighbors you trust. Always follow the parents’ rules and be responsible.

When babysitting, pay attention to the kids and make sure they don’t get hurt. Keep them away from dangerous things. Be kind and patient with them, especially if they’re upset or scared.

You can charge $20.57 per hour on average as a babysitter for one child.

Newspaper delivery

Newspaper delivery is about delivering newspapers or flyers to people’s houses. You get to work outside, so it’s great if you like fresh air.

First, ask your local newspaper if they need help. They might have a delivery route for you. Next, get the newspapers from them, and on the way, you might need a bike or a bag to carry them.

Once you’re all set, deliver the newspapers to the right houses on time. You’ll make people happy because they get their news, and you’ll earn some money too!

You can make $12 to $18 per hour doing newspaper delivery tasks.


Tutoring means helping younger kids with their school subjects. If you’re really good at a subject like math or English, you can share your knowledge with others and earn money doing it. It’s like being a school helper!


Here’s how to start: Talk to your parents or teachers and let them know you want to be a tutor. They might help you find students who need help.

Choose the subjects you’re confident in, so you can explain things clearly. When you start tutoring, be patient and friendly. Make learning fun with games or examples.

You’ll not only make money, but you’ll also boost your own skills by teaching others!

You can make $15 to $30 per hour as a tutor depending on subject and grade.

Arts and crafts sales

If you’re good at making cool stuff like crafts or art, you can sell them and make money! It’s like having your mini-store.

What to do: Create amazing crafts and artwork. It could be anything from cute keychains, and colorful bracelets, to funky paintings.

How to sell: Find local fairs, markets, or even online platforms where you can showcase and sell your awesome creations.

Tips to shine: Make your stall eye-catching with colorful displays. Be friendly and talk about your crafts to attract buyers. Also, try offering some special deals or discounts.

Garage sale assistant

Being a garage sale assistant means helping people sell stuff they don’t need anymore! You can organize things neatly, set up tables, and put price stickers on items.

During the sale, you’ll greet shoppers, answer questions, and keep everything tidy. It’s like having a mini store for a day!

Why it’s cool: You’ll learn how to arrange things attractively, talk to customers, and handle money. Plus, you might find some cool items for yourself!

Tips: Get permission from your parents first. Ask neighbors or family friends if they want a garage sale.

You can make $16 per hour on average doing this task.

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Social media manager

Being a Social Media Manager means you’re like a superhero for businesses online! You get to help them shine and grow on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

social media manager

Your job is to create cool and catchy posts that people will love and share. You’ll plan when to post and reply to comments and messages from fans. It’s like being a master communicator!

To start, learn about different social media platforms and what content works best on each. Be creative and use fun pictures, videos, and words. Remember, being consistent is the key!

You talk to small businesses or local shops that need help with social media. You can charge $200-$500 per month per business for managing their social media.

Photography services

If you love taking cool pictures with your camera or phone, why not turn it into a money-making gig? Photography services mean you take photos at events or for local businesses.

You could snap pics at birthdays, parties, or even family gatherings.

Imagine being the hero who saves precious memories for others. They’ll cherish your pics forever. You could also help small businesses by taking eye-catching photos of their products for ads or websites.

So, how does it work? Let your parents and friends know about your photography skills. They might spread the word, and soon, people will come asking for your talent!

You can charge $20 per hour on average as a photographer.

Computer assistance

Are you good with computers? You can use your skills to help others! Lots of older folks might not know how to use computers very well.

You can be their hero! You can show them how to set up email accounts, use the internet, and even make cool documents. It’s easy for you, but it can be hard for them!

Ask your parents first, and then tell people in your neighborhood about your computer assistance. You can do it in your free time, after school or on weekends.

You can charge $10 to $20 per hour or charge based on the tasks.

Lemonade Stand

Creating a lemonade stand can be a delightful way for 14-year-olds to earn some money. It’s simple and enjoyable!

Here’s how: First, choose a nice spot in your neighborhood, like near a park or a busy street. Get permission from your parents and pick a sunny day.

Now, buy the things you need – lemons, sugar, cups, and a table. Ask your family or friends to help you set up. Make the lemonade by squeezing lemons and mixing the juice with sugar and water. Set a price, like $1 per cup.

Recycling collection

If you want to help the planet and earn some money, recycling collection is a cool job for you!

Here’s how it works: talk to your neighbors and ask if they have recyclable stuff like cans, bottles, or papers.

Let them know you’ll collect these items and take them to a recycling center. It’s like being a recycling hero!

First, get some bags or bins to keep the recyclables safe. Knock on doors and ask politely if people have any recyclables they don’t need.

Once you collect the items, sort them out neatly in your bins. Then, take a trip to the recycling center to turn trash into cash!

Personal shopper

A personal shopper is like a shopping superhero! You help busy people with their shopping and errands. They give you a shopping list, and you go to the store to get what they need.

Here’s how it works: You talk to the person, find out what they want, then go to the store, pick up the items, and maybe help carry them.

It’s a great way to make money, help others, and learn responsibility and communication skills. Plus, you get to be out and about, and maybe discover new places to shop!

You can make $10 to $15 per hour as a personal shopper.

Virtual assistance

Virtual assistance means helping businesses or people with tasks using a computer from your home. It’s like being a helpful superhero online! You can do things like organizing files, typing stuff, or managing emails.

Imagine being a tech-savvy sidekick to someone who needs help but can’t be there in person! You could assist busy entrepreneurs or small businesses with their daily work, making their lives easier.

To start, you need a computer and an internet connection, which you probably already have!

Websites like Upwork or Fiverr are like your mission headquarters, where you can find virtual assistant jobs. Create a profile showcasing your abilities, and you’re ready for action!

You can make $20 to $30 per hour depending on the tasks.


House sitting is an easy and cool job for teens! It’s like being a guardian of someone’s house while they’re away. Your job is to keep the place safe and sound and sometimes water the plants.

You can do it during weekends or holidays, and it pays well too! People feel happy when they know their home is safe, so they’ll pay you for that peace of mind.

How to do it? Just find neighbors, friends, or family who plan to go on vacation. Ask them if they need a house sitter. Show them you’re responsible and reliable.

You can make $17 per hour on average as a housesitter.

What are the Laws That Affect the Hiring of Younger Teens?

Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA): The FLSA establishes that the minimum age for non-agricultural jobs is 14 years old. It also imposes limitations on the hours and types of work that 14 and 15-year-olds can engage in.

Work Hours Restrictions: For young teens aged 14, there are hourly limits for both school and non-school days. They can work up to 3 hours on a school day and up to 18 hours in a school week. On non-school days, they are allowed to work up to 8 hours per day (40 hours a week).

Prohibited Jobs: The FLSA outlines hazardous occupations that are off-limits for younger teens to ensure their safety.

Work Permits: Some states or local jurisdictions may require work permits or employment certificates for teens under a certain age before they can start working.

Break Time and Rest Periods: Employers must provide adequate breaks and rest periods during work hours to prevent overworking young employees.

Discrimination Laws: Young workers are protected from age-based discrimination, similar to other age groups.

Pay Rates: Minimum wage laws also apply to younger workers. The minimum wage of 14 years old is $7.25 per hour.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it, my awesome 14-year-old readers! Easy jobs that can make you some sweet cash!

Remember, you’ve got the power to hustle and explore your talents, all while earning some serious dough.

Whether it’s pet sitting, lawn mowing, or tutoring, you’ll find that putting in a little effort can lead to big rewards.

But hold up, don’t forget to balance work and play! Your school, friends, and family still need your time and love. So, go out there, rock those jobs, but also take time to have fun and grow as a person.

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